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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  January 13, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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help, go to click on the how you can help bar there. that will do it for us. jamie: "fox news alert". there is the live desk. i'm jamie colby for martha maccallum trace: foreign desk is in constant kooct with teams on the ground. to the world head quart is of "fox news channel" on "the live desk". breaking news. brand new pictures will be in boxes on right-hand side of the screen. in top box new video coming out of haiti showing how vast the devastation is. three million people are believed to been impacted by the magnitude 7.0 quake, right now is
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search-and-rescue begins there is simply no accurate way to estimate what could be a horrific death toll. in the middle box, now u.s. navy ships along the east coast have been put on alert. they have been told to get ready to leave for haiti. today the military could begin using c-130 transport planes to begin flying emergency supplies and food into the devastated land nation. there is also word u.s. troops could be sent in to help keep the security there. in bottom box as tens of thousands are feared trapped, can you imagine, in the moments after the quake, being on the last plane out of haiti? we'll hear from passengers on board that plane. what they were thinking as they flew away. and what they left behind. jamie: but first, the president of haiti saying that the damage is unimagineable. catastrophic. schools and hospitals destroyed. survivors reporting to now be piling bodies in the streets. the united nations sass the
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capitol city main jail collapsed and reports inmates have escaped there is estimated 402045,000 americans that currently live in haiti and,000 the rescue effort is beginning. let's go to wendell goler from the dominican republic which shares an island with haiti. tell us what is happening on that island? >> reporter: rescue and relief efforts are underway but appears they are still largely unorganized. neighbors helping neighbors, family members, helping other family members. rich and poor alike were affected by the earthquake yesterday. haiti's circumstance as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, even structures of rich were unprepared for a 7.0-magnitude earthquake. haitian president renee preval, says parliament collapsed. hospitals and schools collapsed. portions of preval's own
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presidential palace collapsed. you united nations mission collapsed. three million haitians spent the night on their own. they're still very much on own because the organizations that would, that would be expected to coordinate the effort to help them have been so severely damaged by this earthquake. now, haiti requested a u.s. hospital ship and we know that the u.s. is sending military resources, the carrier carl vinson which will function both as a staging area for relief and rescue operations, and as a hospital ship. also a marine expeditionary force headed this way. the united nations says relief flights into the port-au-prince airport will begin today though really unhow much the u.n. mission will be able to coordinate those efforts given casualties and damage to the mission itself. there is one airport runway functional in port-au-prince but the power, airport power
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is not. the u.s. is sending a military team to provide power capabilities, to coordinate relief flights into port-au-prince. we know the pilot of a light plane carrying our own correspondent steve harrigan and orlando salinas felt it was simply too dangerous to land at the airport in port-au-prince and flew on to santa domingo. jamie. >> even the american red cross, trace, reporting their buildings had coed. trace: it is devastating there. look at new amateur video coming into the newsroom. giving up close view of the moments after the earthquake. you can see many people stand near the damage, not really knowing what to do. several of them climbing on top of rubble looking for any people that might have been trapped. there are also many children standing by. stay with us here at "the live desk". we'll bring you the latest images coming out of haiti. they're streaming into the newsroom constantly as we speak.
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president obama vowing unwaivering support for earthquake victims in haiti. the president speaking to reporters earlier today saying the u.s. is mobilizing resources to send aid to haiti. mr. obama calling on other nations around the world to do the same. senior white house correspondent major live for us on the north lawn. major, what is the white house saying about this now? >> reporter: trace, if you were going to give a mission statement from the president of the united states, entire vast u.s. bureaucracy, state department, defense department, coast guard, other attendant agencies, u.s. aid, agency for national development the statement would be follow, assume the worst, mobilize the most. the u.s. partners do not no depth damage in haiti, how many people have been killed, how many people have been injured, what is the most crucial need there. all this is assessed by assessment teams landing in haiti this afternoon. the president and state department said the number one priority is account for and deal with the u.s. embassy personnel and 40,000 or so american citizens who
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live work in haiti. also to mobilize whatever rescue efforts can be mobilized. wendell goler, my colleague in the dominican republic says there are intense efforts to get the terminal in port-au-prince operational. officials say another crucial priority is get the port system working in haiti. ship-borne supplies and relief efforts to take injured possibly off the island and bring supplies in are also going to be crucial. the u.s. simply does not know status of the port system in haiti and they will try to find out. if they're damaged get them open and operational as soon as possible. here is how the president described the for the u.s. bureaucracy earlier today. >> i have directed my administration respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath rubble and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, the water,
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and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. in that effort, our government especially u.s. aid and departments of state and defense are working closely together with our partners in haiti, the region and around the world. >> reporter: the president has received three separate briefing on situation in haiti, two of them yesterday, the situation room here at the white house, operational all through the overnight and early morning hours monitoring information. white house of course keeping an eye on twitter and facebook because that is how many images are coming out of haiti until they get solid on the ground intelligence from u.s. personnel. if this were ordinary day, trace, the president would head to maryland to have an event on economy. last week the wanted to shift his attention to the economy and jobs. well the presidency brings many challenges. the economy taking a back seat now to urgent u.s.-led relief efforts in haiti. trace. trace: because it is no ordinary day.
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major garrett at the white house. thank you. jamie: an american jetliner was preparing for takeoff. american airlines flight 1908 was bound for miami, managing to get of the ground in port-au-prince just a short time after that massive quake destroyed much of the city. the passengers on board were relieved to make it out in the nick of time but at the same time, they were devastated as they learned about friends and family left behind. >> i was crying, screaming, yelling. asked my passport, i have it, i have it. he was, it was bad. jamie: david lee miller live in new york city with what took place before that last flight took off. david lee, the people must be so concerned, the ones who made it, about when their loved ones might be able to be found, cared or get off the island? >> reporter: that's right, jamie. those final moments were filled with anguish, shock a great deal of confusion. this at haiti's main airport as the last flight took off.
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the flight was scheduled to take off at 5:30. it did not take off until 6:41. authorities had to inspect the runway, american flight, 1908. there were supposed to be 176 barnes on board, when the plane took off only 9 passengers were in fact on the airplane. that is because a number of them were tormented what to do. once they realized it had been an earthquake that had hit they decided to stay behind to check on family and loved once. those that did land a short time later at miami international airport had harrowing details to tell reporters. one man said it felt like an airplane smashed into the terminal building. now more of the first-hand accounts what happened when the quake struck at the airport. >> the whole outside deteriorated, you know, the whole top, from top to bottom. it was kind ofed up totally. >> right now i'm not really at ease. i don't know what happened to them. i'm trying to find out what happened to them.
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>> it was a big shake. actually thought it was something that hit the building but it turned out it was an earthquake and only after the event we realized it was an earthquake. >> reporter: jamie, as disturbing as the first-hand accounts are describing the scene at the airport some of the passengers said that the true horror of the quake could best be seen from the air as the plane took off, they were able to see first-hand appeared terminal building in words of one man, literally cracked up. jamie. jamie: communication is so difficult right now with the island if not i am possible in so many areas but are airlines giving information to who are here and people concerned about loved once when flights might resume? >> reporter: american airlines provides the majority of flights in and out of haiti. and we talked with them earlier today and they told us, i'm quoting now, we are completely out of haiti today. we do not know how long. normally that airline has as many as five round trips a
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day. the airline definitely has damage including damage to the air-traffic control tower which he described, and i'm quoting now, as inoperable. there is on so good news to all this. according to american airlines the runway is usable. it appears at this hour, jamie there is no commercial air transport in and out of haiti but, it looks like if that runway is operable, they will be able to get military transports to bring in aid and possibly take out those who want to leave. jamie. jamie: that is key in these hours. david lee miller. thank you so much. and has you covered on this tragedy. trace over in the war room with diane masado with a closer look. trace: is your 24/7 source exactly what is going on the devastation with haiti. diane, give us idea what we look for on >> trace, this just in. we got exclusive interview with a man who was on phone with his brother and when
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his brother said i am going to die. he is not able to get in contact. that is typical what is going on in the region. tone lines are cut. social media has become essential to communication. "fox news" created twit list. monitoring white house feed, charities, haitian news organization and our people out in the. of course we continue to these gripping photos in of what's going on out there. we continue to update the slide show with photos and all this other features can be found on the homepage of trace: diane, donations? >> go to help page and give you a list of legitimate organizations accepting relief efforts. trace: great source of what is going on down in haiti. diane macedo thank you very much. jamie: there are two people in charge of getting a health care bill on president obama's desk today senate majority leader harry reid and house speaker nancy
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pelosi spoke privately president. their talk is just a play lewd to the president's marathon meeting with the democratic leadership. up next, deon the new push to make health care reform a reality. plus those devastating images continue to pour in from haiti and countries all over the world are pledging their support. meanwhile their building may have collapsed but united nations peacekeepers, they are on the scene, ready to help. the latest details, three minutes away. why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run... and to eat whatever happens to be around. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system.
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trace: 15 minutes past the hour. breaking now in the top box, united nations more than 100 of its people are missing in the rubble of the collapsed u.n. headquarters building in haiti. including the mission chief. u.n. secretary-general moon, appealing for massive aid to the country, releasing 10 million dollars from its own emergency fund. in the middle box, president obama vowing unwaver support saying post-quake aide should be an international effort. the president telling his administration to respond with swift, coordinated, aggressive effort to save lives. in the bottom box, haiti's president saying the seen is quote unimagineable. the port-au-prince airport isal. rescue crews from all over the world including united states, spain and france, as far as as iceland are beginning to send aid into
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that airport. jamie: well, today is the day that intense discussions on health care take place at the white house. president obama, you're looking at a live picture too of the white house where this will happen. president obama is talking strategy with senate majority leader harry reid, and speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. they're going through the health care bill section by section. the three are in the middle of pretty tough negative with chairman from key committees in both the house and senate. chief washington correspondent jim angle is live from our d.c. bureau, the word is that the negotiations are really bogged down now over how to combine these two bills, one in the and one in the senate which are vastly different in many respects. what do you predict will happen? >> reporter: that's right, they are very different and that's why you have members from both house and senate there in the white house with the president going over the bill. as you said, section by section. they have even ordered in
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club sandwiches for lunch. looks like they're going to be there for a while. they have been there 10:0 this morning. they need to work out some kind of bill that can easily pass both house it is they want a bill anytime soon. now charlie rangel is saying there are serious problems getting bill passed at all. many other house members are using the word impass complaining about provisions in the senate bill they have to reconcile with the house bill. let's take a listen. >> if the present senate language continues to be what dominates this discussion, there's going to be a difficult problem getting 218 votes in the house. >> democratic caucus is pretty fired up by the idea it wasn't that easy for us to get 218. we keep hearing them squeal like pigs in the senate they had a tough time getting 60. wasn't particularly picnic for us to get to 218. >> reporter: now easiest and quickest way to get a final vote for the house to make
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mine changes to the senate bill. the question is how much the house can swallow. clearly members are gagging on parts the senate bill. jamie: jim, i want to ask you, is it relevant or important to note it is happening behind closed doors these meetings? >> reporter: well, yeah. there are a lot of key differences and trying to figure out how to find some middle ground. the house has much tougher language restricting abortion for instance. the amendment from the michigan democrat, bart stupak. this amendment was only one speaker nancy pelosi allowed to get vote on house floor and only did that because she needed the votes. owe brought 40 votes or so to the bill and it only won by five. there is not much leeway there. stupak says he has 10 or 12 lawmakers who would not accept anything weaker while senate would have accepting anything as strong as stupak language. that is a tough one of the the house strongly dislikes tax on so-called cadillac plans those that cost more than 23,000 a year for families which affect many union families. unions are proposing many
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ways to exempt more members. if you do that you lose revenue and has to be made up somewhere else. that is the same situation, excuse me with medicaid, which, both houses, cut, are expanded rather to about 18 million more people. that means the states would have to cough up some money. senator ben nelson got a sweetheart deal for his state of nebraska. having feds pay all the costs so the state didn't have to come up with any cash. now all the other states want the same deal. but that would cost $26 billion and that means lawmakers would have to find another tax to make up the money. so this is real rubic cube of an issue one little move and entire deal has to be reconstructed. jamie? jamie: private meeting today and we'll hope to more. thanks, jim. good to see you. trace: meantime a red hot senate race in massachusetts. democrat martha coakley, clinging to a lead over republican scott brown you about this battle could have major i amcations no matter where you live.
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how the race could change the battle for health care reform is coming up. plus, american aid now headed for haiti. the u.s. government coming to the rescue of those who survived that massive either. up next, we'll show you how you can help in this we're also expecting on room 226, get brand new pictures aerial pictures from port-au-prince. our first look from the sky what the damage is like on. we'll bring you those as soon as they come into the newsroom. next
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jamie: take a look the boxes on the side of your screen. in the top box there are brand new updates on the tragedy in haiti. the organization in charge of sending immediate relief during these situation, american red cross, devastated in the country. this is a picture, in fact taken the red cross of a child outside the rubble. red cross officials are trying to locate of its employees and trying to make sure everyone on the island is okay. in the middle box, the french vatican web site confirming one of the first deaths in this earthquake in haiti. a roman catholic archbishop stationed in port-au-prince. he is 65 years old. he is seen with pope benedict in the recent picture. his body was found in the rubble under the archdiocese. where will all of haiti's people go without homes? two defense officials telling fox military planners are considering housing refugees at guantanamo bay. they're quote, keeping that option open. no final determinations have
1:26 pm
been made. if they bring people to gitmo. they would likely stay at camp justice where media and other visitors stay when they visit the detention facility. we'll keep updated on that and bring you any new developments from haiti. trace: while it is neck-and-neck in the race for a critical seat in the u.s. senate. brand new poll numbers on the senate battle in massachusetts, a seat held by the late senator ted kennedy for more than 45 years. democrat martha coakley, holding a razor thin lead over the republican scott brown. the latest "rasmussen poll", coakley running just two points ahead of brown. less than a week ago, she had a nine-point lead. the outcome could have a major impact on overhauling health care. molly line is live for us in boston. how is the money race going in this competitive race? >> reporter: trace, there is major money scramble going on in massachusetts on both
1:27 pm
sides of aisle. republican scott brown's campaign reporting on monday they raised $1.3 million. democratic senatorial campaign committee said this race is absolutely critical to the democrats and calling for more money this that direction. democrat martha coakley was in washington last night at a fund-raiser there. she is trying to pull in as much money as possible. today she is and responding to reports put out by "national review", one of their spies within the coakley event last night, claimed she said if i don't win 2010 is going to be hell for democrats. every democrat will have a competitive race. here is what coakley said she really said. >> what i said was, quoting mike capuno in an event you were at the unity breakfast he said there is no way in hell a republican will go to washington. that is only quote i made last night. i was only quoting mike. jamie: mike capuano. long time congressman from the state. he is part of the mass
1:28 pm
delegation. there is no doubt this race is absolutely critical. martha coakley would be 60th vote for health care reform. her opponent republican scott brown saying he would be against it. he would be the 41st vote send that reform back to the drawing board that legislation. trace: advertising molly, taken on a whole new tones as well. >> reporter: absolutely. like a whole new race. things are heated up. martha coakley putting out first negative ad, tying scott brown to bush-cheney years saying he is lockstep republican. scott brown saying now is not time for negative ads should be focused on irslew. today the massachusetts gop putting out ad attacking martha coakley criticizing her take money from lobbyists at d.c. fund-raiser. things heating up in the final hours. a lot of back and forth. certainly on television advertising. that is what voters will see in final last few days of the campaign. trace: will be interesting. molly line, live for us in boston thank you. jamie: stories coming out of
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haiti today, there really aren't words for them. you've seen thetures and heard people recount what it is like on the ground. listen to what one doctor there has to say. he says quote, the hospitals here can not he will all these victims. haiti needs to. we still don't know how many lives were lost. we still don't know how many homes were destroyed. up next, we're going to talk to an international director with the red cross. we're going to find out what all of us can do to make sure haiti and the people there survive. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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the newsroom, it's the bottom of the hour, we have brand new informs on three big stories, want to give you a reference. this is haiti, this is the united states. we're talking about five to 600 miles off the coast here. haitians in the united states are desperate for word about their loved ones back in haiti. and now they are turning to the haitian embassy in washington, and that's where molly hennenberg is standing by. holly. >> reporter: trace, staff at the haitian embassy has fielded over 1000 e-mails and calls from haitians in the u.s. who want information, anything they can tell them about families back home but unfortunately that were not getting answered because the communications are down in haiti, staffers at the embassy say they don't know what's happened to their own families here. also today at the embassy a group of local immigrant groups and assistant groups met here, they spoke with
1:33 pm
the ambassador to try to figure out what they could do as a group to get some assistance there. trace. trace: molly, live for us in washington, it is a horrific tragedy, happening to a nation that is no stranger to catastrophe. brian wilson, following that part of the story live for us in d.c. brian. >> reporter: trace, before before this earthquake, 80 percent of the haitian population lived below the poverty line, 54 percent in abject poverty. the country has a history that includes dictatorships, bloody coups and a struggling attempt at democracy. sadly not much infrastructure and no building codes so structures were never withstand earthquakes. trace: rescue efforts are underway, untold thousands without food, without shelter. janice dean is following that part of the story, live for us in the weather center. j.d. >> reporter: if there's any good news, we have better weather for the rescue and relief efforts for the island nation of
1:34 pm
haiti. we do have a frontal boundary bringing some clouds, but we are expecting mostly sunshine for the foreseeable future, the highs are close to 90 degrees, so hot and humid for those helping out. back to you trace. trace: janice dean live for us in the fox weather center. brand new information at the bottom of the hour. jamie: the state department is trying to help family members get in touch in haiti, they've set up a toll free hotline to help anyone find loved ones. there it is not the -- at the bottom of the screen, efforts are underway to assist the poverty-stricken nation, it was literally crushed in so many areas by the magnitude seven quake and president obama offering full support from the u.s. this we hear, also haitians are pleading for help, they're awaiting much needed aid and relief from the red cross who suffered themselves. other organizations, too. officials are saying they don't know the number of dead at this hour. there may still be thousands, they're
1:35 pm
predicting, buried beneath the rubble and mike emanuel is at the state department where we got a briefing earlier talking about the challenges getting into haiti. what is the biggest challenge right now, mike? >> reporter: there are a variety of challenges, jamie, some are communication challenges in terms of it's very difficult to find out from people on the ground in haiti precisely what their most immediate needs are, so communications obviously is something that the u.s. government is focused on. there's also the concern about how best to get manpower and resources, supplies, into this nation that's suffered such a terrible, devastating earthquake, and so one way they think may be useful of getting stuff into haiti will be through the seaport, we know there's an aircraft carrier on the way, other ships as well, carrying supplies and personnel that will help. another way is through the airfield, but there are concerns about flying into haiti. let's take a listen. >> there are still concerns
1:36 pm
about the airport and the access to the airport to import our friends. the word we are getting is the airport is functional, but the tower and the capability to operate there are limited, and so we're pushing capability there now to be able to operate and secure that airport. >> reporter: so the good news about the airport is it is functional, but it has limited capability, jamie. jamie: seems safety is first, they don't want anyone to get hurt as they try to deliver supplies. i'm curious, how are they finding out what's needed with so much communication knocked out, particularly in port-au-prince? >> reporter: we know that urban search and rescue teams are on the way, there were other personnel that were scattered about to essentially take a look at where the biggest need areas are. there are also been flights over haiti by u.s. aircraft to try to determine the hardest hit areas, and so they feel like they know where to go, then when the
1:37 pm
two urban search and rescue teams get in there, 72 members each, that that is a significant capability. they will be able to respond quickly to some of the hard hit areas and really focus on rescuing and saving lives in the first 72 hours of this disaster. jamie? jamie: that is the priority. emanuel, thank you very much trace: the red cross estimates 3 million people may have been devastated by the earthquake in haiti, international aid organizations facing the daunting task of helping those in need amid all the destruction. untold numbers of people believed trapped in collapsed buildings, the electricity is out in many areas, phone lines are down, countless numbers of people are now homeless. with us now is nan bzar, senior of international response and programs at the american red cross and nan, john if you heard mike emanuel talking about the obstacles of getting aid and food into these people and i guess once you get to the airport that's just half the battle because the roads are out in a lot of areas, then you have to get the food and
1:38 pm
aid actually to the people. is there a plan in place to do that? >> reporter: well, you're right, it is a huge operation, and it's really quite an overwhelming situation. we've spoken to our staff who are on the ground, who have been on the ground, who live in haiti, and they are absolutely reporting there is extraordinary damage. one of the worst things is the hospitals are overwhelmed, and so while we don't have a lot of information, what we do know is there are numerous injuries and very little medical help. so emergency medical assistance is going to be absolutely critical. as far as a plan, yes, the red cross always has a plan. trace: right. >> we have staff that are there and staff going in today and tomorrow. we're very happy to hear the airport is probably going to be open in port-au-prince, because that's quite critical. we do have relief supplies ready to go. someone asked about do we know what to give out. yes. in fact, after every disaster, we have a very particular set of things that we know people need. temporary shelter. things to cook with. things to wash with. so all of those will be out
1:39 pm
very quickly. trace: one of the most important things as well is shelter. you mentioned that there are thousands of people now who are homeless. what does the red cross do about shelter? i mean, that's got to be tough because you're talking about bringing the food, the medicine and aid in. i guess shelter has to be a secondary concern. >> well, the first concern obviously, as you said, is search and rescue, and that's going to be the most critical. so those are the teams that need to get in there now and their on their way. trace: but there's -- that's one of the biggest problems, they don't have the equipment. i mean, i go back a couple of years ago, a school collapsed in haiti, 150 people inside, they all died because they simply did not have the equipment to get those people out of the rubble. that has got to be an incredible task. >> well, it's not only a task, it's incredibly grim and everyone is grief-stricken who is there. our own staff who actually helped with that school collapse two years ago and set up the morgue for that was in the earthquake last
1:40 pm
night, he worked all night out delivering the relief supplies and medical equipment and medicines that we have. we've run out of stock, the hospitals have rup out of stock, and that's really incredibly disturbing and incredibly painful for people who can hear their family members, hear their friends, and not reach them, not move these huge slabs of concrete. it's got to be the worst thing that someone could experience. trace: i've been to many of these kinds of devastating crises, and nobody handles them better than the red cross. nan bzar with the red cross, thank you for your time, good luck to you. jamie: is constantly updated with the latest pictures we're getting in and also with the latest information. diane has been monitoring it all. what's the latest you posted? >> reporter: i want to call your attention to the submissions coming straight from reporters that we have in the field. this is the latest we have, sorgses saying haitian refugees could go to gitmo temporarily while they are trying to find out what to do with these people who are
1:41 pm
homeless because their homes are destroyed, these reporters are submitting photos at the moment and we'll be expecting video as they get settled. we also have new photos coming in, and that we're updating our slid show as well and you can see just the kind of damage that's been caused here, the survivors, their faces really do tell the story. some seem don't realize the destruction that's happened, it's not just collapsing buildings but the fire here -- jamie: schools, hospitals were involved, families separated at this hour. >> exactly. there are so many people that not only were killed in this, but now are left home l. they have nowhere to go. this is a photo from the red cross. if you're looking to donate to some of these efforts, we've created a how to help page. these are a list of charity, legitimate charities that you can donate that are contributing to this effort, to try and help people, and as you can see, bodies are piling up in the port-au-prince, schools, hospitals have collapsed, so they can use all the help
1:42 pm
they can get, jaime eevment we'll keep this updated on the site. jamie: a massive effort is needed and it's great you have all the resources there. if you want to help, check out trace: we are monitoring around 2:26, waiting to the live aerials to come in from port-au-prince, these will be the first aerials of the scene to give us an idea of how vast the damage is across the capitol hi of haiti. when those come in we'll bring those to you in an instant. they live in the united states but their thoughts clearly are with their families, friends, and native country in which lives are ruined. we'll take you inside one of new york city's haitian communities to find out what they're hearing about their devastated homeland and what they're doing to help.
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jamie: we're keeping an eye on all the new tape coming into fox from haiti and this is amateur video but you're going to hear from lewis germane, a pastor who runs
1:46 pm
an orphanage in the southern part of haiti. listen here. >> i'm here in the middle of the devastation, and the sadness, and behind me, of all things, how it is burning. and that wasn't enough for the earthquake, now we're burning. people are losing everything they have. and it's so sad. and i'm so glad that i know that our father loves these people, in spite of all this, and somehow, he's going to send that message to the people of haiti. help us do what you can to send the message of god's love to the people of haiti. jamie: just one of the cries for help from haiti. we have all the information on how you can participate in helping people there at trace. trace: clearly as you look at the pictures, it's a tragic day for those who live if haiti and also for those with relatives in that
1:47 pm
country. communications are nearly impossible. phone lines are down, towers are down, contacting family, extraordinarily difficult. julie banderas is live in the section of brooklyn where she's been talking with members of the haitian community. jalie. >> reporter: this is one of the largest communities in the country, haitian communities, trace, and some 3 million people have been affected by this earthquake, and here in flatbush alone, 100,000 people and if you can imagine, all of those people desperately trying to reach out to family members who could potentially be buried in the rubble in haiti without being able to get through partly because digicel in haiti, a lot of the towers were destroyed, so people are going to wherever they feel they can seek comfort, and for the people here today, their anguish is being felt here at the global radio station, haitian radio station, where people are trying to see if maybe perhaps through their telephone systems they can get through. one person i have with me
1:48 pm
that i want to introduce you, ludivec antoin, you've been trying to reach your mother with no success. >> yes, many times, i've tried to contact her. i tried since i was watching the news, and i called, but no service. and i heard by the at md -- by the administration that the tower of the cell and also the hightower has been collapsed, and that was one of the reasons there's no way to have communication with them. >> reporter: when was the last time you spoke with your mother? >> i spoke with my mother on a thursday, which is the 14th of december. >> reporter: how old is she? >> she's 71. yes. she's 71. >> reporter: both your parents reside in haiti? >> no, my father is here now, he lives in manhattan. so believe me, i'm telling you, if i can go now, i will
1:49 pm
go. >> reporter: i know you have tried to volunteer with the american red cross, right now they are not allowing people into the country, the airports are down and so forth, but tell me about the radio station here, because i notice there are so many people in this community gathering here of all places, many upset and in tears but also a lot of anger. >> yeah, i was listening to one of them talking, they were talking about the president of haiti. he never showed up to say anything about the disaster. so now they're angry, they want to know what's going on, because they don't -- they want to hear from the president, too. >> reporter: thank you very much, keep it here on fox for more local reaction, national reaction and international reaction right after the break. trace: julie banderas is live in brooklyn, thank you very much. i want to go back to the pictures because it's amazing, you look at the rubble, at the concrete that
1:50 pm
is crumbled and cracked and the one thing that makes this thing so much expe nentially worse -- exponentially worse, there are no building codes, there is no rebar or in the concrete, you will not see rebar sticking out there. just built with concrete. which is why it crumbled so easily. one of the reasons why the devastation there is so vast today. jamie, jamie: also the pictures of children. we hope everyone can help in some way. meanwhile, drivers ed for the war zone, our own jonathan serry is at fort campbell where troops heading to afghanistan are learning to drive on the front lines and it's very different, right jonathan? >> reporter: that's right, jamie. look behind me. this south tore course, performance drivers are taking soldiers on this course which approximates the driving conditions in afghanistan. we'll show you how it works when we come back.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
trace: to afghanistan, being put through their paces behind the wheel. a professional driving contractor now teaching them how to drive fast and avoid obstacles under hazardous conditions. techniques that could save their lives while driving in the war zone. jonathan serrie is live in fort campbell, kentucky with this. jonathan. >> reporter: trace, behind me you can see driving school, taking soldiers through their rounds. ordinarily the instructors would be teaching car enthusiasts and budding racers but now they're dealing with soldiers with the 106th transportation batallion, training them for upcoming deployment to afghanistan. right now i'm with one of those soldiers, sergeant nokia johnson. sergeant, thank you so much for joining us.
1:55 pm
what would you say is the most important thing you're learning through this course? >> the most important thing that we're learning today is getting familiar with the terrain, because those are the types of features we're going to be introduced to in afghanistan. >> reporter: and you think this will make you and the other soldiers safer when you're deployed? >> and it gives them more confidence, you know, negotiating different obstacles we might encounter in the range, yes. >> reporter: thank you so much, and very different terrain soldiers in afghanistan face as opposed to iraq. in iraq, you're looking at a desert terrain, often an urban environment. in afghanistan, very rural, mountainous, and rocky, and that's what they're trying to simulate right here. and as you can see the soldiers are making their way through this rugeled terrain in the humvee. the course is more aggressive than they're teaching civilians, however a lot of the lessons remain the same, one of the most important lessons being
1:56 pm
smooth, if you have someone in the back man ago gun, you're of no use if you're bouncing the person on the tour all over the place, so a smooth driving experience makes for a an -- for an effective one, whether a civilian or soldiers. trace,, back to you trace: jonathan serrie, live for us, thank you. jamie: so much more on the tragedy in haiti, listen to haiti's president, giving an interview to the miami herald, quoting here, parliament has collapsed, hospitals have collapsed, there are schools that have dead people in them. you've seen the pictures. there is just about nothing left in the photos we've been showing you. right now we have two reporters, orlando salinas and steve herrigan trying to get into haiti as we speak. you'll hear from them, and meantime wendall goler has been sending us updates from the dominican republic, that shares the border with haiti. it's as close as you can get to the disaster zone. wendall's report is coming up on the "live desk". stay with us.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
president obama committing our nation's vast resources to help the haitian people, mobilizing an aggressive relief effort including military and civilian disaster search and rescue teams. the first teams arriving this afternoon, and u.s. coast guard helicopters are on the way to fly out injured americans. they are being treated at the embassy at the ambassador's residence. so far we have no confirmed reports of american death. now there is word from the pentagon that a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is already on its way to haiti. three amphibian ships, including one that can carry up to 2,000 marines will soon be under way. on the way to the scene of the devastation right now. on the ground in santa domingo in the nearby dominican republic. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you this much. what you are talking about as far as the numbers, it is staggering. we are hearing reports from at least one local senator in
2:01 pm
haiti, i believe port-au-prince specifically who is getting out huge numbers of what he says are going to be casualties. we have, it has been a journey for us to get to santo domingo where we are right now. we are about 45 minutes from another plane ride to get in. this really does speak to the infrastructure here. it has been bad. has been bad for decades. it has really just gotten a whole lot worse. the infrastructure does not exist. we have been trying to get into port-au-prince, into the airport, but there have been a lot of miscommunication. what we understand from the pilots that we were with is that some planes are speaking point to point meaning the pilots of the planes are speaking with each other to let each other know their longitude, latitude, where they are in relation to each other in that air space around that airport. they don't have been very good
2:02 pm
communication, so we have not been allowed to land there. we are on our way to get somewhere else. we have also been hearing that there is very little aid coming through right now. the numbers that you guys have seen from the tens of thousands, the local senators here have maybe somewhere around half a million. those numbers are so hard to confirm. those are numbers from the local officials in haiti right now. trace: very difficult. at this time there is just no way to accurately estimate how many people might be trapped, how many might be dead. it really is one of those things where in the early going like we learned from the tsunami, you stay away from numbers because they are always way off. i want to know what you saw, i know you flew in earlier. what did you see when you were flying over the capital of port-au-prince? what's it look like from the air? >> you can't really see much. we came in directly santo
2:03 pm
domingo. we are now going to take another plane ride and fly into port-au-prince. and here we are at it really is business as usual. this, these two countries are on the island of hispaniola. if you were to be here it is as if nothing has happened. it is on the other side of the island where all this devastation has occurred. trace: we will get back to you with breaking news. these are brand new aerials we are now just getting into the newsroom. these would be our and your first look at the damage with a bird's-eye view. this is amazing. it is difficult to see how vast the damage is, but very once in a while the cameras zooms in you can ese it looks like if not every building being affected, swaps. a series of tornadoes. now you get an idea when they're talking about death toll, the devastation exactly what they mean. this is our first look from the sky at the capitol of
2:04 pm
port-au-prince. we are talking about the population there of about 2 million people. the estimates are that some 3 million people might be impacted by this. as we get more aerials in, as they kind of define what this tragedy is all about we will continue showing those to you right here right here on "the live desk". it is absolutely stunning. jamie: and, trace, minute by minute we are getting new information and pictures into our newsroom from the horror in haiti. the latest video showing of thousands of people lining the streets. ambulances racing by. you look at the faces. trace, you and i both were there just days after the tsunami. the faces do tell the story. many people look like they are walking around in shock or they are just lying there trying to wait for someone to come to their rescue. as we monitor all the pictures that coming in, rick leventhal is that the national desk. tell us a little bit about what you're seeing. >> reporter: we are watching the same picture as you are.
2:05 pm
again, devastation across port-au-prince and that region of haiti. the death toll could reach hundreds of thousands. we have seen the pictures of the buildings, hospitals, churches, schools, even the presidential palace collapsing. we are told that the president and first lady of haiti actually ran from the palace as it fell to the ground. no power and water. even the prison was damaged. some inmates were allegedly killed. others escaped. the red cross headquarters. the victims we know of include the roman catholic who was found. jamie: let's talk about getting aid. we know that the airport, the runway is intact. that is good news. the air traffic control, the tower is unusable. there was so much concern that steve harrigan who was flying in was not able to land there. how will they get it in beyond the aircraft carriers that we are hearing? this looks like we are getting areas of the actual airport.
2:06 pm
>> reporter: the communications at the tower knocked out, as they were across most of port-au-prince. there is no communication flights are landing. relief flights are landing. military flights have landed. planes with doctors, field hospitals, search and rescue dogs are arriving in haiti and will continue to arrive. firefighters from fairfax, virginia and other highly trained first responders. the military assets, as trace mentioned, are in route. that aircraft carrier actually on seen this morning. coastguard cutter arrived just off port-au-prince earlier this morning providing coordination to military aircraft in the area including c-130s that are doing damage assessment. they also air lifted four critically injured u.s. embassy staff from haiti to the naval station in guantanamo. again, once these relief workers and rescue workers arrive there are going to face challenges just getting around. many of these roads are
2:07 pm
impassable as well. jamie: and we are hearing today, rick, guantanamo could play a key role in this, not only for some of the injuries being treated, but possibly for so many people who were left homeless. by this they may be housed there. >> reporter: rookies. exactly. jamie: stay on it. rick leventhal at the national desk. trace: a couple of things. the pictures we saw of the airplane on the ground we believe were from this country, not from haiti. another thing just crossing the urgent wire, the u.s.s. comfort has now been ordered to head toward haiti. that is a floating hospital if you will be really are talking about 600 people on board that, 560 medical personnel, 64 person crew on board the ship. that will be a great help to the people down in haiti who are suffering who badly need medical supplies as well as food and shelter. the world, as you have been seeing, reacting to the destruction. in the top box rescue teams from china and taiwan are among the
2:08 pm
first to assemble search teams to look for victims. they will also send supplies like food and medicine. in the middle box children a catholic school in miami in a special mass. the cathedral of st. mary's school serves a large haitian community in miami. in the bottom box in italy pope benedict xvi sending prayer's and appealing for the world to respond. promising support from the catholic church urging christians around the globe to help. let's go live now to amy kellogg in london. we just spoke about china. what other countries are responding? >> reporter: trace, you know, it's extraordinary. when natural disasters happen countries all across the globe line up to offer their support. we have seen it in droves in this particular case. trace, from iran to israel so many countries have been offering aid. i spoke to someone at the international federation of american red cross. he said that he thinks people really understand how a very
2:09 pm
significant this natural disaster is. the earthquake in haiti, not to diminish the significance or magnitude of other ones. the fact that the epicenter was very close to a densely populated urban center and the fact that haiti is an underdeveloped country. we had a big team from the u.k., a 50-person search and rescue team that specializes in urban areas with tons of material taking off today. difficulties because the airport was closed because of the snow. difficulties getting out and certainly, trace, as we have heard, difficulty getting into haiti with the infrastructure taking such a bad dream. china, taiwan, france, i hate to leave countries out. people at some of these international aid organizations have told me that the phone calls and e-mails from individuals from nurses and doctors, people who have worked in the earthquake zones have been coming in, and it is so very difficult to coordinate all
2:10 pm
of that. there are issues of people being able to read the labels of medicine bottles and having to store some of this equipment. as you can imagine, it is a massive undertaking. the u.n. has just told "fox news" that some assessment teams have arrived on the ground, and there will be a steady stream of aid shipments coming in. the red cross is sending planes tomorrow. so there has been a massive outpouring of support. the problem is getting it all to the people needed in time to save lives. trace: and while amy was talking, amy kellogg. thank you very much. the first aerials you continue to see those coming into the newsroom. we also stand corrected. i said that plane that was on the airport was still in the united states. no, it was actually in port-au-prince. that is the port-au-prince airport. that is a great sign that aid planes are beginning to land at that airport. it is another obstacle trying to get the aid from the airport to the people who need this, but again, we go back to these
2:11 pm
aerials. you look at these as you go on. it looks as though every home, every other home in some assistance is collapsed were badly damaged. again, we are staying away from death toll counts because we simply do not know. the estimates have been all over the map. we don't have enough information to even make a close guesstimate. we know it will be horrific. the exact number will not be known for quite some time. let's go to jamie now in the war room. jamie: thanks. the video you are showing and the live picture is not the only stunning pictures and stories to come out of port-au-prince and haiti itself. diane has been monitoring all of that. you are constantly posting new pictures, some so graphic they come with a warning. stories, too. >> reporter: we have a story about two missionaries from wisconsin. nobody has heard from them. of course, it does not necessarily mean that they are
2:12 pm
not okay, as we have heard. all lines are down. very hard to contact people. so much so that the air traffic is actually being interrupted. this is a new shot from our reporter on the scene, talking to us about how difficult it has been to try to get to port-au-prince. originally the pilot said that they would not be allowed to land because they had no communication with the airport control tower. they also added that they did not want to take an unannounced arrival in fear that they might try to shoot down the plane. we have those new pictures summing up the story. it's all on jamie: as well as where you can donate if you want to get involved and help the people of haiti. trace: well, the devastation. the devil is in the details. provisions in the health care reform bill may hit the most vulnerable among us. making a very big difference. and more pictures coming out of haiti. the massive quake. the president calling it an unimaginable catastrophe. how you can help next.
2:13 pm
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[ robert ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at we put the law on your side. jamie: and welcome back to "the live desk." at this hour the united nations says the prison in haiti collapsed and the inmates, many of them have escaped. in the middle box firefighters from fairfax, virginia are heading to haiti to help in the massive search and rescue effort, and they need the help. in the bottom box president obama says americans looking for any information on their relatives in haiti can call the state department.
2:16 pm
a special number set up. 1-888-407-4747. again, that is 1-888-407-4747. trace. trace: well, debating the differences and some intense health care discussions at the white house. president obama meeting with democratic leaders from both the house and senate to hammer out a strategy that will get the reform signed, sealed, and delivered on the president's desk. but with so many differences in the two versions the question is what is the final bill going to look like? a political editor with the washington examiner. for a while it looks like the house might just rubber-stamp this thing and send it off to the president. now they are negotiating. the senate is not going to take a lot of changes. they were very specific about this. so is this a major obstacle? >> yeah, i think there is a substantial obstacle, but i think there is even greater pressure. the pressure comes, you have the
2:17 pm
senate election in massachusetts right now with the democrats 60 vote on health care for a win in the senate is in jeopardy. i think that has sharpened the thinking of all the democrats in congress and helped them to realize that there really is no wiggle room in the senate. the folks in the house who are concerned about some of the up middle-class tax increases and things like that in the senate bill probably going to be hushed up in the name of getting something passed before there is trouble. trace: you mentioned middle class taxes. that bill would mean a lot of house democrats are very upset about taxing this cadillac plans because they know it is time to affect the middle class, and the middle class is what president obama promised that he would not tax. a lot of them are feeling heat from their constituents as well. >> well, they are finding a way to technical compliance by saying that they are not taxing you. they're taxing the insurance company that writes for policy. trace: but nobody is buying that. the voters are not buying that.
2:18 pm
american hates this bill. that is the whole thing. how did you get around this? you know. you look at the polls. america hates this bill. if you're a democrat in a questionable race what are you saying to your constituents? >> well, i think what you are saying is nothing, hoping the you can pass this thing and get it behind you as quickly as possible. that has been the white house strategy all along. if you remember, the president wanted this done in august. they have been trying to get it done and it keeps lingering on and lingering on. in the polls in massachusetts liberals aren't that it enthusiastic. the taxes on health care plans and other initiatives that they are afraid are going to hurt medicare, hurt medicaid and things like that. so this is an unpopular piece of legislation. trace: i got to go, but i am amn very curious about these backroom deals. are all these backroom deals that were promised, are they all going to be uphill? >> that is a real concern for the senate.
2:19 pm
there are a lot of senators, guys like ben nelson from nebraska who would love to get a chance to get away. they are just looking for an excuse. if the deals go away their votes may go away. trace: from the "washington examiner." good to see you. thank you, sir. jamie: much more on the situation in haiti. what kind of force is capable of something like this? we are going to look back in history, and we are going to show you what it must've felt like to be there in haiti when a magnitude 7.0 quake hit. and if you want to help please visit the website on the screen for the international medical corps, imc worldwide dot ord or corps, imc worldwide dot ord or upbeat rock ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪ ♪ so i could hear myself as a ringtone ♪ ♪ who knew the store would go and check my credit score ♪ ♪ now all they let me have is this dinosaur ♪ ♪ hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪
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jamie: following all the
2:23 pm
developments in haiti cannot take a look at the three boxes on the side of your screen. the u.s. navy aircraft carrier u.s.s. carl vinson is now heading for quake-ravaged haiti. it will first pick up a helicopter squadron. expected to reach the island nation tomorrow. in the middle box the u.s.s. comfort, it is now activating and getting ready and will get under way. it's a hospital. and in the bottom box the fbi is now warning about internet stands of the haitian earthquake. telling internet users to be very wary over web appeals to donate money. trace: well, we up here at the launch pad to give you an idea, some context and perspective. remember, the quake in haiti was magnitude 7.0. if you go back to 1994 the earthquake in northridge, california was 6.7 magnitude. it killed 72 people, injuring more than 9,000 causing $20 billion in damage.
2:24 pm
before hurricane katrina it was the costliest disaster in u.s. history. in 1989 devastated san francisco measured 6.9 in magnitude. sixty-six people died. more than 4,000 more were injured. it costs $10 billion in damage. even though the quake was only two tenths of a point higher it was actually five times as strong. here is how it works. according to the u.s. geological survey an earthquake that measures 6.0 magnitude releases the equivalent of 15,023 tons of dynamite. but a quake measuring 7.0 releases the equivalent of 4,75,063 tons of dynamite. so for every full point of magnitude the earthquake is actually 32 times as strong. on the phone with us is dr. paul earl of the u.s. geological
2:25 pm
survey. when you look at these devastating pictures coming out of haiti what is your take away about the power of this earthquake? >> it is obviously devastating and difficult to look at those pictures. an earthquake this large, it's not unexpected to see that much damage, especially in a place where the infrastructure is not well built for seismic safety. trace: a lot of witnesses on the ground, dr. earl, he said that they think the show went on for more than a minute. is that a proper assessment in your view? >> i believe the shaking would have gone on, it would have been under a minute, but if you are involved in setting like that it would seem like tens of minutes. i'm sure it would be terrifying. trace: yeah, you know, there are a lot of experts we have heard all day long saying that this quake was expected in this area. is it possible to predict or expect that quakes could happen at a certain timeframe?
2:26 pm
>> well, it is not a surprise that there was an earthquake in this area in terms of an active fault that separates two plates, the caribbean plate and the north american plate, that are moving by each other, but determine the exact time and magnitude and place of where the next earthquake is going to be is currently not possible. we can do forecasting to other people that this is a high-risk region. trace: you know, dr. earl, we have rescue teams on the ground right now. aid teams out there. give us an idea of aftershocks. can we expect some major aftershocks in the hours and days ahead? >> yes. we have had a lot of aftershocks from this earthquake. we have had a dozen or so magnitude 5 or greater. these earthquakes are capable of causing additional damage by themselves. it will not be surprising to see additional aftershocks in the following days, but this will taper down in the weeks to
2:27 pm
months that follow. but you may get some actually years after . trace: more bad news for the people down in haiti. thank you. jamie: haiti is a country that is larger than the state of maryland. no stranger to natural disaster. haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere with most of the population living on less than $2 a day, most on less than a dollar a day making life even more difficult for a country whose capitol city of 2 million people, port-au-prince, was virtually flattened by yesterday's 7.0 magnitude earthquake. brian wilken has more just to put it into context. tell us a little bit more about what haiti is like, where they stand economically and otherwise. >> well, it is hard to describe the depth that you find. even before this earthquake 9 million people live there. 80% of them live well below the
2:28 pm
poverty line. many people still never did have reliable source of clean water. there are no building codes, and so few of the structures there were designed to withstand earthquakes. there has been extensive deforestation in haiti. the land basically stripped bare of all trees by the people who needed wood for cooking. jamie: so describe the government there and their capability in these disasters. it is always interesting to watch when the aid comes forth whether or not it is able to reach the people. how structured will the government be after this? >> well, this is important. when you talk about the government in haiti or the lack there of it is really responsible for the condition of this country. haiti has a history of brutal dictatorships. bloody military coups and struggling as a democracy. the country return to constitutional rule.
2:29 pm
not much of the government prepared to respond to any significant way to the tragedy. i was there in '94 with the u.s. military occupied the country briefly. the clinton administration was reinstalling exiled president for the first time. the things i saw there, the poverty. the people eking out a bare existence under very difficult circumstances. and remember, that was before the country was hit by a magnitude seven earthquake. jamie: and all the aftershocks. thank you so much. the pictures are so dramatic and so are the stories. brand new information on 15 members of a church from the u.s. that were on a mission to haiti. they have not been heard from since the monster quake hit. we are alive at that church. plus passengers to left on the last flight out of haiti, many of them had to the behind loved ones knowing the quake had hit now wondering their fate.
2:30 pm
>> right now. trying to figure out what happened to them. jamie: we are going to talk live to someone who was on that plane next. next. stay on "the live desk." some things started popping up on a credit report... that i didn't authorize, didn't know anything about. and it continued almost eight years. i've been in law enforcement all my life, i've shred all my receipts. all the junk mail, burn it, whatever. nothing was going to escape and put me at risk... for having my identity stolen. lifelock is the industry leader... in proactive identity theft protection. it's unbelievable, the first thing was, it couldn't happen, there has to be a mistake. and then followed shortly by the sinking, deeping, gut-wrenching feeling that my life is over. there's no credit, there's no buying houses, there's no anything. matthew daubert has now been smeared, so to speak,
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2:33 pm
department. >> reporter: well, trace, the usaid reminds us that this disaster group provides some unique circumstances were literally u.s. personnel and also some other international partners like the u.n. are still accounting for their own people, digging them out of the rubble. so while these government and non-government people have been through a great ordeal they also been called upon to, once again, protect and serve others. trace: live for us at the state department. the haitian community in the states now reacting to the devastating quake in their home country. let's get to julie banderas live for us in brooklyn. >> reporter: hi, trace. 1,500 miles from the epicenter in haiti. here at one of the largest haitian communities in the country. some hundred thousand people that are waiting for word from loved ones and all the red cross reporting some 3 million people affected by this earthquake. a day of agony yesterday as they wait to hear from of the ones. that agony continues today. trace: julie banderas live for
2:34 pm
us today in brooklyn. can you imagine being the last passenger on the last plane out describing the horror you have left behind? let's get to david lee miller of the way across the newsroom. >> a departure they will never forget. the last flight to arrive last night that miami international. the plane took off more than an hour delayed because after the quake authorities had to check the runway. the only 49 people took their seats. the majority decided to stay behind to remain with loved ones. one man who did leave said the quake sounded as if something had crashed into the terminal building. this hour all commercial flights to and from haiti are canceled. the airport terminal and tower are damaged. the runway is usable. that is good news for aid flights and the military. trace: live for us in the studio. continuing coverage of breaking news. that is brand new information at the bottom of the hour. jamie: imagine being on that plane. joining us is jocelyn who was a passenger on board that last flight to leave.
2:35 pm
thanks for joining us. tell us what it was like. i understand that it was a lot of noise. was there also chaos? were people screaming? >> definitely. you know, imagine just standing there and a lot of people were boarding. about 20 people had already boarded the plane. the regular routine when everyone would show their id, their card, and the passport. the next thing you know you hear people. you know, like a plane had hit the building. jamie: i understand that is what some people thought. did you have a chance to think should i did on that plane and go? did you leave relatives behind and consider getting off? was that option open to you at that point? >> the option was open, but i had nothing in my mind but to leave. i know a small country like that, anything that goes on would be very devastating. staying there would not been
2:36 pm
positive. better for me to come here where i can assist those that are behind rather than stay and be in that turmoil. jamie: have you had contact with friends and relatives back in haiti? >> i have not had direct contact, but, you know, the people that have had some type of contact. they have told me that the house i was constructing over there has fallen down along with other houses in that same area. you know, the main reason why i went down there was to construct a home. after spending all that money and now they told me that there are a lot of homes over there that have fallen. i have people that were working there. fortunately they had already gotten out. they left the building about 4:30. jamie: all right. well, we are glad that you are okay. thanks for sharing the details of what must have been a harrowing experience for you. definitely nice to talk to you. >> thank you very much. trace: breaking news. you are about to see pictures along with us for the first time. brand new coming out of haiti
2:37 pm
right now. look, if you will, at the devastation there. we heard last night in the moments after this earthquake how the houses have fallen down some of the hills, some of them fallen into the water. now you're seeing brand new video. as you look at these pictures keep in mind that there are still reports of thousands if not tens of thousands of people still trapped beneath rubble who are still calling out. there is very little if any heavy equipment to move these types of buildings, this rubble. the communications in haiti are down. you look at that building right there. that fared better than most. very few communications now in and around haiti, much less with the outside world. now the responders are coming in, but the question is as you look at these pictures and the devastation, once they get to the airport in port-au-prince how do they get beyond there? how do they get beyond these road that are impassable to get
2:38 pm
this aid, medicine, tents, and shelter to people that need them? that is the question. new pictures coming in. they get more horrifying by the minute. the toll will get higher by the hour. there is also breaking news now out of new jersey, new developments about members of the church who have been in haiti on a mercy mission. lauren green is live there with us. trinity united methodist church. tell us the good news about the group that was down in haiti. >> reporter: well, trace, you know, the church sign out front says god answers prayers. i tell you, they can testify to that today. they had not heard from their missions team since monday. and since the earthquake struck they had no information to their whereabouts. they had an idea that they were safe because their itinerary said they should be a 15 miles away, but they had no idea. at 12:10 this afternoon they got a call in the office from the senior pastor. he said we are safe. we are okay.
2:39 pm
we are at port-au-prince airport, and we will be home as soon as we can. the pastor's wife said just earlier today that, you know what, call is my woman's intuition. i never doubted for a moment that they would become house said. >> when i first heard the news there was a sense of calm or peace. i just knew that they were okay. it was only after i heard from bill that i allowed myself to cry. >> reporter: the miracles never cease. the building they were actually staying in port-au-prince was completely destroyed. they were 15 miles away in another town very safe. trace: a glimmer of hope in a sea of tragic news. great news for us. thank you on that. jamie: and as lauren was telling us for many people with friends and family it is a gut-wrenching waiting game. imagine when darkness comes.
2:40 pm
the phones, the power lines. people can only wait and wonder when they will hear something. for one man he will have a happy ending. uesd the social networking site to contact his cousin who survived the devastation. he is joining me from washington. tell us about your experience using facebook and what made you think to go that route as opposed to picking up off on and trying everything else. >> well, phones weren't getting through to my mom and dad. cousins were calling. we weren't finding anybody. we had a cousin who was posting on facebook as things are going on. he posted every ten minutes or so and let us know what is going on. jamie: what was he saying on facebook? >> just letting people know that he was doing well and that he was safe. my great aunt, she was safe.
2:41 pm
that he was going to his best to find other family members. jamie: i am sure you have been following this so carefully. did he tell you about what the people that he had seen needed most? >> i mean, basic medical care was what he mentioned. just all types of help. the way he described it every other house, especially in the house that was two stories or more, had collapsed. they were just trying to do their best to help people out. jamie: the damage is so massive. we are putting up now one place where you can go to help. has lots of resources if you want to get involved. what was the last message that you have? is the computer internet capability still available to you to stay in touch? >> he has not posted in an hour or two anything new. maybe a little bit longer. the last one was another tremor. that was last night. he posted that he would walk down the streets this morning to
2:42 pm
try to find another cousin's home and see if they were okay. jamie: ernest voyard. your family is okay. many more not getting that same news. thanks for much for being with us. trace: a great transition. talking about technology here, going online, the internet has meant so much in finding information. the best place for you to get information 24 / 7 is, but he was mentioning twitter and different platforms like that. >> that's right. the internet has become vital to communication. because phonelines are down and twitter has become an essential form of that. so has created a list. let me pull that up for you. we are monitoring the white house feed, feeds from our reporters, other organizations. this is the way to get a clear view without having to sit through. these are key players in the new
2:43 pm
reporting. trace: you mentioned lauren green has just told us the missionaries in new jersey were found safe. great news. confirming more americans found safe. >> that's right. we reported earlier about the to wisconsin missionaries that have gone missing. the couple has been found. they sent an e-mail to their church saying that they have been unharmed. florida college students, allegedly the same thing happening. scrambling to try to get a hold of 12 students and two faculty members. the university told him that the group has been accounted for. he is waiting to speak to his brother. we are still also getting new photos in of the aftermath. we just want to remind everybody that they do still need help. if you're looking for a reliable charity just go to our how to help page. trace: they need immense help. thank you. jamie: trace, thanks. meanwhile shut down in china. what drove the search engine to the decision next.
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jamie: all the latest developments in haiti here on "the live desk." check out the top box, aerials of the damage in port-au-prince, haiti after the area was devastated by a powerful magnitude 7.0 earthquake and aftershocks. in the middle box the united nations is confirming now that at least 140 members of its own staff are missing under flatten roofs in the haitian capitol. and in the bottom box roman catholic that was stationed in port-au-prince is among the dead. sixty-five years old. he is seen in that picture with pope benedict. his body was found under the rubble of the archdiocese. trace: google is turning to an operations in china. the world's biggest internet service provider says it will no longer censor results on its website in china, even if that means having to shut down.
2:48 pm
the move comes following a major cyber attacks against the company originated in china. the white house backing google's decision. live in the nasdaq. where do investors have to say? >> reporter: it's not really having much of an impact on stock price. down about a percent, but certainly causing major shockwaves through the technology industry and the business community because google is basically faced with the dilemma of doing one of two things, not chasing the world's largest fastest-growing service market in the world. china's search market grew by 39% potentially adding about $300 million in revenue alone just in china in 2010 or backing off and sticking with its core business principles. one of its core models is to do no evil, but after this cyber attack on the company the company has big questions about what it wants to do in that country. trace: the fox business network live for us at the nasdaq. good to see you. jamie: so much more to cover on the rubble in haiti.
2:49 pm
digging out from the rubble, just the tip of the iceberg. 7.0 magnitude. what medical problems will they face? what are they already facing? and how equipped are they there to handle them? if you want to help you can send donations to international relief teams or you can go to i r we will be right back. rrrrrrrrrr
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: we already know some things about haiti, no clean water and reports bodies are being piled in the streams there are bound to be major health problems and a need for supplies as people, many sit and wait for help to
2:53 pm
arrive. joining us, dr. manny alvarez, very familiar with haiti and the area, port-au-prince specifically. and their ability to respond to something like. this what are you thinking today? >> this is a devastating disaster. i think haiti, as it was before, did not have the infrastructure to handle large medical emergency rooms. when you put a earthquake and have thousands of people injured and trapped, you're looking at a goble emergency. he have spoken to people in the dominican republic and critical patients are being blown to the capital because that's where they have better hospitals there. but right now, the -- for instance this afternoon, doctors they have better hospitals. but right now, this afternoon gave an analysis of the medical need. the secretary of health and
2:54 pm
types of crushing injuries you have right now, which have broken bones, internal bleeding, one of the things you need is one of the big things that you need is blood, which is something that haiti does not have. jamie: even put a warning with some of the pictures. but the ability as we hear, bodies are being lined up just to deal with that alone. >> look u in a disaster like this, we have the first acutety phase, the injuries caused by the building collapse. the secondary effect is the wave of infections because the water treatment plants are not the secondary effects would be the wave of infections. the water treatment plants are not working. no electricity. so infection, diseases, a lot of dehydration, children are displaced. this is really a big emergency. >> we don't know numbers and it's difficult to speculate.
2:55 pm
jamie: very difficult to speculate. could we see as many injuries and deaths from the aftermath as we can from the actual quake itself? from this infection? how devastating could that be? >> well, if the relief effort is not massive and big enough and quick enough absolutely. right now this has to be a 48-hour, 72-hour massive relief effort in order to minimize the death toll for the haitian people. jamie: i know, dr. manny, you are headed down to the area we appreciate your efforts there. everyone that wants to help, has lots of resources where you can lend a hand. thank you so much. trace, back to you now. trace: we are getting more heartbreaking pictures of the catastrophe in haiti. some people got very lucky. coming up the man who was on the very last american airlines flight out of haiti as the the w earthquake struck. his story coming up minister his story coming up minister now. or gas station...
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getting new pictures into "fox news channel." ground pictures how the of haiti. you see the ambulance on the scene. we have pictures of more buildings crumbling through port-au-prince. again, no estimate on the number of people trapped, missing, or dead because frankly it's just too early to make any kind of estimate.
2:59 pm
any guess would be off the mark. we're continuing coverage, breaking news, new video out of haiti. it is all of down there. >> what we no is they need help. shepard takes it from here. thanks for being with us. >> shepard: thank you. our coverage continues in "studio b." haitians piling bodies along the streets of the capital of port-au-prince. pictures of the earthquake aftermath indicate it's devastating. we have new home video. untold numbers, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, the president suggested -- or the prime minister suggested as many as as 100,000 killed. unknown numbers of buildings in ruins. every other building in the capital stitt of port-au-prince. the president's palace


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